All-Time Cincinnati Reds Draft

All-Time Cincinnati Reds Draft

Jeff Erickson and I did an all-time Reds draft. We invited Reds fan Clay Link, but he was too terrified to join, and as it turns out, rightly so. I feel bad about dominating Jeff on his own turf, but maybe it'll turn out to be the tough love he needs to turn his flailing life around. 

The criteria is getting the best real-life players during their time on the Reds only, so resume-boosting ones like Tom Seaver (Erickson) and Ken Griffey, Jr. (me) are not as valuable as their names would imply. 

Here are the results:

1EricksonJohnny Bench
1LissJoe Morgan
2LissPete Rose
2EricksonBarry Larkin
3EricksonJoey Votto
3LissFrank Robinson
4LissEric Davis
4EricksonGeorge Foster
5EricksonTony Perez
5LissVada Pinson
6LissJose Rijo
6EricksonMario Soto
7EricksonTom Seaver
7LissJohnny Cueto
8LissKen Griffey, Jr. 
8EricksonNoodles Hahn
9EricksonJohnny Vander Meer
9LissBrandon Phillips
10LissTom Browning
10EricksonTed Kluzsewski
11EricksonKen Griffey
11LissDon Gullett
12LissJohn Franco
12EricksonGary Nolan
13EricksonAdam Dunn
13LissAroldis Chapman
14LissErnie Lombardi
14EricksonJoe Nuxhall
15EricksonChris Sabo
15LissDave Concepcion
16LissSean Casey
16EricksonBid McPhee

And By-Position:

CJohnny BenchErnie Lombardi
1BJoey VottoSean Casey
2BBid McPheeJoe Morgan
3BTony PerezPete Rose
SSBarry LarkinDave Concepcion
IFTed KluszewskiBrandon Phillips
OFGeorge FosterFrank Robinson
OFKen Griffey, Sr.Eric Davis
OFAdam DunnVada Pinson
UTChris SaboKen Griffey, Jr.
PMario SotoJose Rijo
PTom SeaverJohnny Cueto
PNoodles HahnTom Browning
PJohnny Vander MeerDon Gullett
PGary NolanJohn Franco
PJoe NuxhallAroldis Chapman

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