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Recent Fantasy Basketball Articles
30 Days, 30 Teams, 30 Facts: Portland Trail Blazers
Lineups without Damian Lillard or CJ McCollum are -17.3 points per 100 possessions.
30 Days, 30 Teams, 30 Facts: Phoenix Suns
When Devin Booker is on the court, the Suns score 10.9 more points per 100 halfcourt plays.
30 Days, 30 Teams, 30 Facts: Philadelphia 76ers
2 days ago
With Ben Simmons on the court, 4.6 percent more of the 76ers' possessions start in transition.
30 Days, 30 Teams, 30 Facts: Orlando Magic
3 days ago
On a per-game basis, Jonathan Isaac is the Magic's best fantasy player.
Podcast: Five-Year NBA Mock Draft
3 days ago
Nick Whalen is joined by Alex Barutha to draft their 12-player rosters with the goal of constructing the best team for the next five NBA seasons.
Podcast: What To Expect If The NBA Returns
4 days ago
Nick Whalen and Alex Barutha discuss what the 2020 NBA Playoffs could look like if the league returns to play sometime this summer.
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