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Week 8 FAAB Results

FAAB-a-geddon, FAAB-a-ganza, whatever you want to call it, has passed, and the results have been breathtaking. I was super aggressive in one of my leagues – only the Main Event in the NFBC. I’ll do my best to explain my thinking with the results, and dispense with the preamble otherwise.

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Week 7 FAAB Results

Though I didn’t really anticipate it, this week became “Steve Cishek Week” for me. I ended up adding him in five leagues, and I already owned him in two others. In a couple of cases he was a priority, and in a couple of others he was won with “keep ’em honest” bids. If you find a player valuable out there but don’t necessarily need him, it still may be worth your while to add him, especially if the cost isn’t that punitive. That’s especially true in leagues where you can trade, but it doesn’t need to be limited to that format. In the NFBC, for instance, we can’t trade, but I’m happy to deny my opponents a needed closer, plus you never know when your current one is going to get hurt or lose his effectiveness. In some cases, all it takes are consecutive bad outings before a closer is given the next save chance off, or worked in a lesser role, and it can devolve from there. If you have a roster spot available, it makes sense to go ahead and use it if you can get the player inexpensively.

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Week 6 FAAB Results

I didn’t find this to be a huge week for FAAB bidding. Obviously Nate Lowe was a big target in leagues with weekly bidding, especially when you couldn’t speculate in advance, and the same is true with the Angels’ Griffin Canning. Canning in particular wasn’t taken in most leagues in advance of his promotion, so in NFBC formats he was a big target as well.

This week I’m including the results of my midweek bids that ran overnight on Thursday, after blogging about some of my AL targets there last week. As it turns out, my AL home league was the one spot where I was able to win Nate Lowe in FAAB bidding, though I also snagged him in a first-come, first-serve league when the Rays announced that they’d be calling him up.

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Midweek AL FAAB Targets

Two of my leagues now have Thursday night FAAB deadlines instead of Sunday night deadlines – one AL (Amici – the league that started RotoWire) and one NL (Midnight Madness – another home league that also has RotoWire President Peter Schoenke in it, as well as Jeff Buchbinder, who introduced me both to Pete and to my wife – separately). We moved to Thursday nights to lessen the flow of Sunday night bids, plus there’s the added benefit of everyone playing nearly every Friday, in most cases at the start of a series. Why does that matter? If a player is day-to-day, more often than not there’s clarification of his injury status before games begin at the start of our scoring period, and minor league promotions also usually happen before games begin on Friday. All of that makes it a little easier to have a fully active roster at the start of the scoring period. Whereas in traditional leagues, many teams are off on Monday and will wait until Tuesday to make their transactions, making it harder for us to optimize our lineups – witness Anthony Rendon going on the IL this week on Tuesday.

Due to how long this went just with AL players, I’m going to restrict this week to AL players (with one exception for Nick Senzel) and then tackle NL players next week.

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