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NHL Playoffs: Pack your bags, Gloria

  • Brent Burns is an incredible defender, but this series belonged to Colton Parayko. He almost single-handedly neutralized the Sharks’ rush. He owns the neutral zone. Owns it. A guy that big shouldn’t be that agile. And he can score.
  • The Blues return to the Cup Finals for the first time since 1970. Radio station Y-98 will be playing another 24 hours of Laura Branigan’s Gloria after this series win. And they’re hoping they get to do it again in June. #earworm

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NHL Playoffs: Grow up, Marchand. Grow up.

  • Brad Marchand played his best monosyllabic Neanderthal in postgame interviews. Why? Because he was upset that before Game 2, Sportsnet Canada’s Kyle Bukauskas had asked him about stomping on Cam Atkinson’s stick in OT in Game 1. Sure, the question was a touch sarcastic. But you’re going to be 31, Brad. Sportsnet is an NHL media partner. Two words, Brad: grow up.
  • Brent Burns isn’t just an offensive stud. His hip check on Mikko Rantanen left the Avs’ star with a charley horse and one good leg. It’s like getting Kronwalled, except getting Burnsed is way better.

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NHL Playoffs: First team to advance

  • On Jan. 1, the Canes had 80-1 odds to win the Cup. Today, they are the favorites at 13-4. Let that sink in. The Carolina Hurricanes.
  • The Isles were 38-2-2 this season when they scored three goals. It took three games to score three against the Canes. And they had just five total — that’s one less than Curtis Joseph had to work with in 2002-03 with the Wings. Like Cujo, Robin Lehner deserved far better.

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